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Eden Studio provides unique and genuine fashion style and beautiful cloth to women who want to be gorgeous. It also creates a comfortable shopping environment for the ladies to feel special and excellent.

I want to bring out the simple but professional details of the products so the solution is to have a simple design with great details. Also, the editorial layout systems will display this brand

as fashion in real action.

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A Christian designer creates her handmade fashion with the concept of renouncing the perfect world that God had created. Her inspiration comes from God and will be reveled on her finger tips. The purpose is to present the perfection of God’s creation in every forms. All the beauty that she crated and the beauty of every beautiful woman will display the beauty of God.

Eden Garden.jpg
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Originally, organic logo elements were added on where an image of hand-made studio yet modern can be presented. However, the simpleness and comfortableness new also crucial. So the circle is the best solution with the texted overlay. 

​Green colors are the representation of earth and its natural beauty. Solid line represent the garden, and dash lines represent the unlimited edge of beauty and would be on earth and on every pretty lady. The final logo uses the lighter green color to presets the unlimited creation and design which will flourishes from the designer's faith. 

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The look book contains is a catalog that contains not only the newest style of the season but also creates a new style of editorial experiments.

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The websites reflects the simple yet modern style. The opening page will show display the same style of the look book. Bring the brand concept and offering a comfortable customers experiments are both important.

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Note: This is an actual clothing brand. All the cloth that are presented are actual made and belong to this brand. Copyright are reserved

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