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Sculpture: Divin Melody



Free Spirit

This series has four paintings. They are represent the free spirits in paradise kind of places. They secretly place all the audiences into these paradise with them. It will bring people peace and comfort.  


Jesus at the time of his crucifixion. In my painting I imagined a ray of light would come from the dark sky and illuminate the side of his face.

By portraying him in this way the connection between the audience and Jesus will become stronger, more personal because they sympathize with what he had to endure for the sake of humanity.

God bless America

These are the main and important elements of America history. The most import point is "In God we Trust" God blessed America yesterday, He will bless today and future when we TRUST.  




DreamVR aims to inspire healthier communication by connecting people through Virtual Reality. Company provides virtual reality equipments and special program to serve people who needs contact without being physical presents. This healthy environment we carets with a helpful voice to help the, feel alive and fulfilled. I create this idea, and the goal is to caret a real business model with cohesive design that carries out the entire branding system.


eden studio

Eden Studio provides unique and genuine fashion style and beautiful cloth to women who want to be gorgeous. It also creates a comfortable shopping environment for the ladies to feel special and excellent.

I want to bring out the simple but professional details of the products so the solution is to have a simple design with great details. Also, the editorial layout systems will display this brand as fashion in real action.


FantaSea is a project that make a mermaid dream come true. It is a light-up candle holder with reusable function for vases and flowers. It can light up at night and also creates a dream looking atmosphere. With the illustration of mermaids, it can calm minds and reduce stress.



New Panting "Open For ALL 


A digital painting of a Revelation will be created


Will open a new category for Digital Paintings


Digital copies of the pantings will be sold soon
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